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    ONB Is New Brunswick's Business Accelerator

    Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) is accelerating growth by attracting global business, strengthening exports, and empowering local companies and entrepreneurs.

    Exceeding Targets

    We are accelerating growth and creating jobs across the province.


    new job commitments were obtained by ONB in 2017-18.


    Jobs to be created in the North East


    Jobs to be created in the South East


    Jobs to be created in the South West


    Jobs to be created in the Central Region


    Jobs to be created in the North West Region

    As of Q4 2017–18

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    ONB Success Stories

    From startups to global corporations, ONB is helping businesses relocate, expand, export, and grow.

    Our Results - April 1, 2015 - December 31, 2018

    ONB is bringing new money and new jobs to New Brunswick. Our contribution to the GDP: $1,205,000,000.


    Actual Jobs Created


    Committed Jobs


    Average Salary $

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    Our Sectors


    New Brunswick is the epicentre of Canada's cybersecurity industry and a hotbed of innovation for world-leading solutions and technologies.

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    Financial Services & Fintech

    A nearshore location, robust cybersecurity hub, and access to great talent are just some of the reasons New Brunswick is home to 5,000+ financial services and Fintech companies.

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    The emerging cannabis industry is taking off in New Brunswick, thanks to world-class research and testing, training support, and a cost-competitive industrial infrastructure.

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    New Brunswick’s manufacturing sector has a world-class reputation. Our companies leverage state-of-the-art technologies and processes in the aerospace, defence, forestry, mining, marine, and oil & gas industries.

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    Digital Health

    New Brunswick’s safe and nimble ecosystem creates the perfect environment for the development of technology that will improve healthcare for Canadians coast to coast.

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    Information Technology

    New Brunswick’s vibrant Information Technology sector is varied, with strengths in geomatics, ocean tech, digital health, SaaS, and telecommunications.

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    Business Service Centres

    With a mature contact centre industry and unbeatable business advantages, New Brunswick is enticing global brands to locate their business service centres here.

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    Food & Beverage

    A diverse array of offerings including wild blueberries, cranberries, potatoes and French fries, salmon, nut butters, spices, maple syrup, candy, and craft beer are some of the products putting New Brunswick on the map.

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